Most students, maybe all students, nowadays study to be accredited. Their objective is simply to get A certificate or diploma which recognised the work that they have gone through.

I am not sure that anyone, I think there should be someones, who study because they want to learn. To be accredited would be nice.

Because most people strive to get accredited, their credential becomes something valuable and they hang on to it and as they are accredited to be the judges for the next generation, they will not make it easier for the next generation to grasp the credential any easier.

This process continues and the system becomes


To counter the trend, it is my belief that learning take place in another form. Anyone wants to learn simply because they want to. Not that after learning, they will make a lot of money. May be they will. I believe that if people learn, our world or human race will be better off than the past.

Once you learn, you will be able to solve problems, anyone’s problems, help other to solve their problems, solve other’s problems, save the world and whatever.

Under today’s education system, most people are SELFISH, BUREAUCRATIC, and NARROW MINDED.

Ever think about not working for money? Yes, you need money to survive but how much do you need? People are getting greedy.