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Published by Pui-chor on 31 May 2009


韓信受到跨下之辱後, 發憤圖強。一番勤學苦練之後,,決定一展抱負。
他先投奔項羽, 但只最高擔任一個郎中.後來聽人勸解, 投奔劉邦.
起初也不受重用, 甚至因為犯了戒律 差點被處斬, 但是在千均之際
這句話被劉邦的將領夏侯嬰聽見了, 大驚之於 急忙前去告訴蕭何.
等到蕭何知道的時候, 已是午夜時分, 蕭何馬上去追離走的韓信.
正因為這樣, 韓信留在劉邦身邊, 建功利業, 戰無不勝 實為漢朝的第一開國元勳.
但因為功高蓋主, 而且飛揚跋扈,不知道收斂,而且不聽謀士勸解 與劉邦 項羽
鼎足三分天下, 最後被劉邦慢慢削退關爵, 最後從齊王一直被降到淮陰侯.
後來劉邦的妻子呂侯讓蕭何引誘韓信進宮, 實意欲謀殺.
韓信深信蕭何, 這位大恩人, 毅然進宮. 最後被誘殺於長樂宮鍾室.
臨死前有:”成也蕭何, 敗也蕭何!”的感嘆.

If you succeeded in something, you will get corrupted by the benefit from it and losing eventually.  A very good warning for everyone who has had acheived what you have done.

Another way to look at it, if you lose in something, you have to persistently work harder to achieve the success. Someone says, if you have not succeeded, you have not finished.

There is another way people say,  從那處跌到從那處起來, go back up from where you fall down.

Good to remember. Post it in your wall.

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Another: 成也蕭何敗也蕭何

Published by Pui-chor on 29 May 2009

To win or not to win

Denfensive approach to win is not to win first. Wait to analyse situation.
Not to win is up to yourself, it is up to the opponent who wants to win or not.
For those who know well how to battle, they can lose the battle but they know how to make your opponent cannot surely win.
Defensive is not to win.
Offensive is to win.
You may not be completely defensive. If you do complement it with offensive, you will win.

Published by Pui-chor on 27 May 2009

How to make good thing bad and bad thing good

The tai-chi symbol and law of change tell us that when good thing pushed to the limit it will be bad and vice versa for the bad thing.

This concept is further indicated in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. A good guy can be predicted and then will be manipulated. As in the previous article, a good guy like Confucius, the god-to-be, is so good that he changes so many people from bad to good or teaches all his disciples to be good is being used and turned out all he did is bad or good by some mighty power Emperors.

Most of what Confucius’s saying, I would agree, are good and right. But without the wisdom, a lot of them are implemented in the wrong direction or those wrong are taken for granted.

Just to let everyone to examine this:  Good goes to the extreme will be bad. It looks like contradicting but it is true.

If somebody takes the so called healthy food all the time, I can guarantee him that he is not healthy at all.

There is no champion for anyone all the time that as a champion reaches his peak, there will be someone later to overthrown him to be a champion.


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