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Published by Pui-chor on 30 Jun 2009

The Tao

The Tao Te Ching (also called “The Tao”, “The Dao” or the “Dao De Jing”), by Lao Tzu, is one of the most influential books in history.  It is the source of famous Chinese sayings such as “Those who know do not speak, those who speak, do not know” and “Even a 1,000 mile journey starts with a single step“. 


I believed that there are something missing when the sayings said:

Those who know do not speak, those who speak, do not know

There should be more to it:

Most who know speak, those who do not know do not speak

Because the missing piece is so natural and normal, it is not to be mentioned. The one which can draw people’s attention and awareness it more worthwhile to say.

“God grant me the wisdom to know the difference.”

Published by Pui-chor on 26 Jun 2009



PPS 網站

 紅色的箭嘴是網址及下載的button. 如看不清網址可用以下的:



PPS全名是 peer to peer streaming. 你查WIKI會找到「PPStream is a Chinese peer-to-peer streaming video network software」。 Peer to peer 又是甚麼? 電腦詞彙中應該說電腦對電腦的連接方法或方式,相對的是中央電腦對客用電腦的互動方式。Steaming 是數據的流動,Video 影視數據是這系统的對象。

Published by Pui-chor on 25 Jun 2009




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