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Published by Achiru on 28 Jul 2009

Smile Bomb


Running in a crowd, in a faceless town
I need to feel the touch of a friend.
In the countryside, I wander far and wide
The isolation gets me again…

I don’t know where to go
When I feel like crying
Oh my!
It’s time to open myself
Do something new
I want to stop, and grow up a bit!

Then suddenly, my power and confidence starts swelling up
Magically erupts
And it’s all because of kindness that I feel
From people I don’t even know!

Then suddenly, my intuition and my wisdom grow
And then I know
But most of what I sense compassion’s real
Thanks to strangers wherever I go!

Thank you for waking me up!

Up till now, how may times I’ve tried
To tell you, ‘please take care of yourself…’
Then with tear-stained eyes, I sadly said goodbye
As I waved and wished you farewell…

Then I think of how
How much longer, I must wait
I look inside myself, and feel something new
I wanna stop, and grow up a bit!

It’s all because, I’m feeling sad and then I cry; I don’t know why…
The courage that I need,
The power to succeed,
Gives me with strength to fly!

It’s all because of when I see my friends
Oh my,
Every time,
They’re always behind me
Pushing me on
Lighting the fire in me (fire in me)

Then suddenly, my power and confidence start swelling up,
Magically erupts;
And it’s all because of kindness that I feel
From people I don’t even know!

I won’t forget, the times we shared and the pleasant days
And I’ll never lose the strength to succeed
And the courage to do what I must!

Your smile makes my heart explode!

Published by Pui-chor on 25 Jul 2009

哲學 Philosophy

Philosophy in Chinese is 哲學.

From English Wiki:
Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, law, justice, validity, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing these questions (such as mysticism or mythology) by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on reasoned argument.

中文的 Wiki:

哲的意思是知、智或說是有知識有智慧的人。 So Philosophy is simply the way or study to pursue wisdom and or knowledge. 或者佛學即是哲學因為佛學的目的是開啓智慧。

However, I believe that there is a difference in pursuing wisdom or knowledge. I am influenced by the Chinese philosophy that there is a difference between wisdom and knowledge. Being knowledgeable is something we call “clever” but it is different from being wise. Being wise does not mean being knowledgeable and vice versa. In the world nowadays, there are so much to learn, so many areas or subjects needed to be studied. This is why there are so many careers for all different people. I believe all people use their own philosophy to pursue their learning of the subject matter.

Take the education today for example. Students are pursuing knowledge and when they graduate, they have the know-how and they are smart in the area they studied and they can (or cannot) get a good job and make their living. They use their knowledge to make money and some may be greedy and some may not be.

If all students finalized their study, they will be rewarded with a title called “Doctor of Philosophy” or “PhD”. This is the highest level that one can get in his area of study in the world nowadays. Is he actually wise? no one can tell.

I believe that there are lots of people who are wise but they do not have a “PhD”. I am not sure whether this is the problem with the education nowadays.

I also believe that knowing Philosophy make you happy and knowing how make you smart. You may be smart but you may not be happy. You may not need a “PhD” to understand Philosophy.

Published by Pui-chor on 23 Jul 2009

I am amazed with the logic

Some people developed their thought very logically and they have a theory which is so convincing because of the logic presented. Something like “communism”, “capitalism” etc, are so convincing that China had used to throw the “Ching dynasty” off and created the PRC.

People say that between two points will define the line. Yes. Actually there are many different lines that will pass through the two points, it is not? Lines do not have to be straight lines, right?

I have seen people using the logic that hybrid mode of education is the best of the online mode of education and onsite mode of education. Even 孔子 is using the 中庸之道。 In the Past, 墨子 prefers 為人,楊子 prefers 為己。 Someone claims 人之初性本善,there are people believe 人之初性本惡。中庸之道 chooses the middle path, 人之初性不善也不惡, more like a piece of paper, you can dye it with whatever color. 為人 or 為己 depends on the situation. 中庸之道 looks good to be used.

Now we have 3 preferences. Like 老子 said, everything started with none, then comes 1 and 2 and 3. We have everything!

Actually (maybe), using the terminology of current technology, the child born carries his parent’s DNA and if one of his parent has a criminally inclined character, his 性本惡, 中庸之道 may not be always right.

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