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Published by Pui-chor on 27 Jun 2010

Remove OUTLINE of anchor

Many website talked about “get rid of the anchor border or outline”. They just mentioned the CSS code:

a { outline: none; }

They missed one piece of important information, that is, the declaration of the DOC type:

<!DOCTYPE html
PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”
This is required for the removal of the outline.

Published by Pui-chor on 09 Jun 2010


Most people know about compression like zipping a file or picture. MP3 is the compressed audio file. ZIP is the compressed file for any kind. JPG is the compressed picture file and same as PNG or GIF.

The logic behind compressing file is not magic. The algorithm to compress a file is based on how the data in the file is inter-connected. For example, if the file has a content like aaaaaaaaa and it can be compressed with something like a9 as long as it can be decoded or reversed to its original form. For the image, there are many pixels that are inter-related such as the cloud has a blob of same color which can be compressed with proper code.

The logic to make students learn faster is logically similar to compressing the file. The student can learn with less time if the learned knowledge or information can be presented to them quantity-wise and quality-wise just enough to get the concept across.

The logic is like instead of having the students to read the whole book of 1000 pages, the information or concept in the book is extracted as notes so students can just read the notes to get the concept explained in the book.

Furthermore, having a website to present the whole book cannot speed up the student’s learning for the obvious reason. If the students need to read 1000 pages in the book the time needed to read the same 1000 pages on the website will not reduce the time for the student to grasp the concept needed.

Any admininstrator thinking of using the web technology can reduce the learning time has to re-think about the concept. Even adding animation may not be sufficient to reduce the time to understand a concept, only when it is illustrated properly. The logic is simple, the actual compression efficiency depends on the algorithm, how you can create the good set of notes to replace the 1000 pages textbook.

I come about the using of the “shell” for “blended” learning which to me is not really helping the student to learn faster as they have so much to read before they get to the real stuff (concept).  The information presented actually wasted a lot of time for the students to learn. Hope that administrators know about the logic of compression.

Published by Pui-chor on 06 Jun 2010


唯恐天下不亂means worry about the world is not messy or chaotic.
唯恐 is to worry, only to worry; 天下 is sky heaven and down to earth, meaning the world; 不亂 is not messy, chaotic, unorderly.

I kept thinking about what the world now is because there are so many people are thinking this way and this is what the state of our world is.

When the world is messy, chaotic, unorderly, then these people will take advantage of it, or in other words, they can profit from the chaos that they create, getting more money. The economic crisis now everyone is facing is an example.

There are more. From the past, the thiefs, robbers are those who do not work as normal people do and they create the chaos to rob people, they take advantage of those nice normal working people.

In many organizations, educational for example is another example. As a teacher of over 20 more years, seeing so many so called “researchers” create their theories such as “learning styles”, “active learning”, “blended learning”, claiming knowing these will make students learn better. They do not value the quality of “individualism”. They treated people like a product. They like to mould people to be the same. They make people pay, listen, take test. This creates more administrative work and that is what they do for their living. It is chaotic.