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The first sentence of Lou Zi’s (老子) Dou Dak G(k)ing 【道德經】《道可道非常道》. The meaning can be two folded. Here using this is to say to describe the language itself, we need the language. It may not be the normal language but it requires the language itself.

The main concept is that to describe emptiness, we need to use emptiness itself.

To describe mathematics, we are using mathematics. My background is electronics and computing and therefore it is understood that to create a computer language, we are using the computer language. C language is an example. The beginning of a language is the machine language. The language evolved to a high level language. At the present, java and C# evolved. But I like PERL.

This is the basic concept that drove me into developing the chinese input system or cantonese input system. The system is using the basic characters (the language itself) which carries the understandable sound. The sound to signal a message carries two parts, the consonant (聲) and the vowel (韻). The cantonese has added one more element into the signalling which is the tone (調). This made the cantonese very musically. Hear the poem is like singing.

The character or language selection system starts from the set of characters embedded with all the consonants, 20 including the mute. They are 呀 for mute, 華 for w, 也 for the j or y, 牙 for ng, and so on. You will notice that there is no absolute way to represent the consonant in English alphabets as there are many different systems. But using chinese character set itself, it is just self explanatory.

After selecting the proper character carried with the proper consonant, on mouseover, the menu associated with the consonant to layout the vowels. There are actually only 7 principle vowels and a few other compound vowels or diphthongs. The diphthongs do not have finals or ending aspiration. One of the system used is to display the principle ones with finals diagonally and will show the finals menu on mouseover.

All the syllables indicated with its sample characters are arranged with the closer one next to each other so in case someone misunderstand the proper syllable such as b and p or c and s, the character still can be illustrated and being picked up.

Once the desired syllable or character with desired sound is clicked, the request is sent to the server to obtain a list of characters with the corresponding sound and listed by the different tones such as 媽麻馬駡. The tones without their characters will not be shown as there are none.

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