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Published by Pui-chor on 05 May 2011



Published by Pui-chor on 05 May 2011


See the blog:

The reason of searching for the difference is because my daughter’s laptop which is dell loaded with vista died, no response and when I did a safe mode run, it stopped at crcdrive.sys. I suspect that her hard disk was dead so I went and bought her a new hard disk (500GB). The original one is 160GB. Came home and installed it and re-install the system, the system responded up to the point after the installation is completed, I only saw the pointer cursor, waited and waited. My daughter forced a shut down and the system rebooted with options like safe mode and or with networking etc. Try safe mode again and the system stopped at the crcdrive.sys check again. Looks like that it is not the problem with the hard drive as I came home and tried to reinstalled for several time and waited to have a response overnight. What a long time to test on DELL with VISTA.

Finally I searched the web and found some solution. Some triggers me to test on the drive configuration and so I looked into the BIOS and found out the two modes of using the drive: ATA or ATHI. The factory default is ATHI and I tried to change it to ATA, it asked me to disable the flash module first before I can change it and I did. Then I turned the ATHI off and then have ATA chosen. Amazingly the OS boots!

This is the undocumented fixed of the stubborn OS not booting up. Thanks DELL, SATA, VISTA to create such a puzzle!

Published by Pui-chor on 01 May 2011

Cannot read from the source file or disk


I used WinAVI’s new converter and the program created a folder for the DVD content to be burnt. After creating this, the DVD image is created for burning using NERO and everything worked fine and I have a burnt DVD. I tried to delete this folder to save space and found out that the delete operation is denied under XP!

Cannot read from the source file or disk!

I tried many ways and still cannot. Luckily I found the blog shown at the beginning and at first I wasnot paying attention and later when I tried it with del command and it worked! I tried the deltree and failed as there is no deltree command in XP. Then I read carefully and actually I managed to find the rd or rmdir command like unix implemented in XP and tried and found the stubborn folder that finally removed!

The blog mentioned that the stubborn file or folder is because of a character ‘.’ at the end created by a mac and my stubborn folder was created by WinAVI and the name has a space character at the end.

It doesnot matter what character created the problem but this is the faulty of stupid Microsoft design. This trick of delete is not mention anywhere in their website, at least, it is not obvious and they did not tried to fixed it for ordinary users! Good grief!

Here is the command to remove stubborn file:


And here is the command to remove stubborn folder: