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Published by Pui-chor on 19 Mar 2012

With or without DOCTYPE

Usering Internet Explorer, there is a difference with or without DOCTYPE declaration on HTML:

Without DOCTYPE declaration

And with DOCTYPE declaration:

Withe the DOCTYPE declaration

Published by Pui-chor on 10 Mar 2012

z-index problem again

One of the layout for my cantonese input is behaving differently when the drop down box is shown. It is found to have a problem when the mouse over the list moves to the position where the zero-clipboard button is located and it does interferring with the drop box. When the drop box appears and covering the buttons, I am moving the mouse down the list and just when it went over the item which is supposed to be on the top of the button, the list disappeared and inhibit the selection of the list item after. This behaviour is weird as the list has z-index higher and so it does cover the button but the mouseover on the button is taking effect to make the list disappear and this does not happen in other layout pages.

I have to move the button away from the list and the problem is solved.

I have no idea why the z-index set up failed and have no idea to fix up the problem. Good grief. It does not have the same problem in other pages.

Published by Pui-chor on 09 Mar 2012

Making DropBox works in jQuery Layout UI

The key to make the dropbox works in jQuery Layout User Interface is this:

Before the fix

Drop Box flow into other pane

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