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Published by Pui-chor on 24 Feb 2013

Cantonese Lesson 2

第二課 Lesson 2 音韻類別

1. principals

2. diphthongs

3. 尾音 endings

元音是單音,也可以稱單韻母,是所有音的基本音素。廣東話及其他都一樣,英文的韻母是 A, E, I, O, U. 從英文字母 A-Z 抽出來,但用國際音標則是:Phonetic symbols

廣東話的元音用香港語言學會的方案為 aa or a, i, u, e, o, y, oe. 中文字的代表為 , , , , , , 的韻.


principal and diphthongs vowels

ai , aai

au , aau

ui , iu

ei , oi

ou , oey

尾音或稱尾韻, 是收音或結尾的方法, m, n, ng, p, k, t.

p, k, t 收音的尾音稱為入聲, 是短而速,像英文的 gap, kick, hit 等字. 廣東話有峽haap, gak, jit 等入聲字.

注意的是不用誇大收音方法, 不然會聽似英文.


aa ending vowels


ending vowels for ji vowels

Published by Pui-chor on 14 Feb 2013

The organization of a webpage

A website has many webpages and some webpages are statics and many webpages now are dynamic such as those used in PHP’s.
To understand a webpage is being downloaded and viewed, the designer should be aware of the openness of the document, in other words, the browser can allow the source code of the webpage to be viewed.
A webpage normally has three parts, either all of them are included within the webpage document or linked as three separated files. They are the HTML document, CSS file and Javascript file. HTML builds the basic content and CSS allows various presentation format template and javascript will make the page more dynamic (changeable at viewer’s wish).
The javascript is viewable and thus is open to be copied. There are no sense of copyright only at the discretion of the viewer and the script designer aware of this and will expect anyone can use the code in public and only keeping the original designer’s declaration.
If a designer likes to keep the script code private, he needs to convert the script to one which can only be executed on the server side as the code is not viewable by everyone. The script can be designed to be executable only and can be specific to designated user. That is the power of server side scripting.
To learn how to program or scripting the website, please contact me.
Not all client side scripting needed to be converted and not to think that server side script can also be converted to the client side. Some functions need one or the other and only some scripts can be located either on client side or server side.