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A new wordpress is set up in pcwong.org. The newer version of wordpress works a lot better than this old version. It is improved. I test the difference between the two versions and I like to keep this old version for the sake of knowing the difference in technology. In 2010, wordpress has improved over the coding, at least the newer version can escape the HTML code more reasonably. So the newer version has the capabilties of:

  1. Codes entering, codes like HTML, C, php, CSS, java and many others
  2. plain text like batch files
  3. formatted text like word document. the cut and past works nice, but directly format the text would be preferred
  4. links
  5. images
  6. video in flv format
  7. youtube video, link to video served from youtube

The old version like this one can do all of them except the coding part as the escape codes is not converted properly.

March 19,2010

Old stuff before 2010

This is Chorwong.com. I started this website more than 15 years ago. The website was designed using HTML only. In this year 2008, I have decided to use WordPress for this website as I find this weblog system so well designed. I would like to make use of it to have an online school which most people can find all learning material free of charge. I believed that education should be free. But if any education service is called or needed, a little charge or donation is needed to keep everyone in it to survive. 

My idea about online education or simply education is that: as long as no service is requested, by using posted education or course material, there will be NO fee required. But if service is required such as creating testing material plus certification, a payment will be needed.  After certification, the one who is certified can be another certifier who can provide the certifcation services thus become part of us believing our free education concept. I will suggest the initial cost of testing and certification process will be about $500 for life until certified.

I decided to use WordPress in my website here and I highly recommend this weblog or blog system because it is very nicely designed and developed. It only takes a few minutes to get it up and running. It is also very easy to use. It also has lots of support or plugins for extending its original capabilities. It help keep track of my free education concept.

The origin webpage and contents are still here. You can access it here:

Archived webpage 1 
Archived webpage 2
Archived webpage 3
Archived webpage 4

Thank you for visiting.